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Loving, professional support

We are not taught in school how to find our right life path and destination. The key is getting to know yourself. But how?

Nothing strange about not knowing what you want in life. Especially if you do not feel well in your current situation. But sometimes people aren't even aware of their not so well state of being. And sometimes we are so busy with years and years of taking care of others, there is no time for oneself.

What is the right thing to do? Also, there are so many things to choose from..! 

People need (self) love and a purpose in their lives. It has turned out that we are doing well under these conditions. It is important to take the time to find our way.  

Judith @ Yogaschool Young & Yoga Retreats designed retreats to help you get closer to yourself. If you start to live your life from the inside out, you will be able to choose better for yourself in life. 

Also, Judith makes sure there is a safe and lovingly environment around you and teaches you how to create that for yourself, at all times, in every situation.

At Yogaschool Young & Yoga Retreats you can choose from a list of different retreats/holidays with special programs. 

For all retreats click on 'View menu' at the top of this page (yellow bar). Then you will be redirected to the facebook page of Yogaschool Young & Yoga Retreats. There you can also read Judith's story and the kind of yoga / way of teaching she uses. 

Here are two of our most popular retreats:

💙Yoga, wellness, hiking and super nice food weekend retreat in The Netherlands at the most beautiful place on a hill overlooking the shores of the river De Rijn. Several dates you can choose from.
Follow this link:

💙Portugal Yoga & SUP beginners experience (that we call a budget retreat but the appartments you reside in are so nice and luxurious) in a super cosy atmosphere, nice nature, friendly group and surrounded with love and care.
Follow this link:

At Judith's retreats you will have the opportunity to become stronger, smoother and focused in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere as an individual or as a group. You will probably get inspired and develop more love for yourself so you can get more quality out of life.

Judith encourages you to find out what goals are important in your life and will (re)kindle your fire.

Again, feel free to have a look at the events / retreats that Yogaschool Young & Yoga Retreats organizes:

You joining would be great. 

Love for Yourself. It's about time.


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